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Enrich your communications with Augmented Reality

Your print now fully interactive!

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Download the free VEEEW App

And see what AR can do for you!

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Photos, videos, and interactive buttons

All possible from standard printing

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Understanding who is viewing your printing

Detailed user statistics

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Now create your own interactive print!

Augmented Reality is HOT! Look for instance at the succes of Pokemon Go. With VEEEW everybody cab untegrate Augmented Reality (AR) quickly, easily and affordably into their marketing strategy!

With the revolutionary AR - application VEEEW existing and new printing and packaging materials can come to live and become interactive quickly and easy, because of the real-time Augmented Reality technology.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a live image that is added to the reality when viewing an image or product with your phone or tablet. By scanning an image with your phone, the information is downloaded directly from the Internet to be subsequently displayed "augmented" in the printwork.

These could be videos, pictures or sound clips. Buttons to send an email or redirect to websites or social media platforms. Or buttons to dial a help desk, order a ticket or product. Soon to come also products in 3D can be shown from printwork.

VEEEW offers the possibility to create printwork with Augmented Reality within a few minutes. With VEEEW you can distinguish your company in the market by offering customers an innovative experience. Which is printwork with additional and sustainable opportunities for marketing and communication.

Each scan of an image is recorded in VEEEW. This provides valuable insights into the results and the success of marketing campaigns.

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Show your product in 3D!

Screenshot 3D model of VEEEW app

The display of a 3D model on print can give a spectacular effect. This offers your customers a unique new experience. Think of showing machines, furniture, kitchens or complete houses in 3D!

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Enrich your printwork


We will inform you about the various possibilities to always create maximum attention with this online medium which appeals to the imagination.

The possibilities are endless with VEEEW .

Every brochure , flyer , book, poster , flyer , sticker, catalog or product packaging comes to life! Transforms regular printing or a product into a talking , moving sales rep within minutes. Adds an extra dimension dimension to print or products, real time. Can show what product is inside a specific product package. Enables the customer to order online, Liking , follow ... immediately from the printed media .

Show AR with the generic VEEEW App

Screenshot of VEEEW app
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The VEEEW App is developed for iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

VEEEW is a generic app. This means that all our customers can add Augmented Reality to their printwork with VEEEW. Users who have download the VEEEW App on phone or tablet can scan all images in print which are created with VEEEW and watch it come to life! This means that by downloading only 1 app, a whole new Augmented world will open for them.

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Grow with us into the world of AR

The world of AR is growing

Billion revenue 2020
Million downloads 2018
Growth NPS
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How easy does the VEEEW App?

VEEEW is a system consisting of an online content management system and an application, allowing Augmented Reality - effects tob e added easy and fast to, for example, printwork.

Users can see these effects by downloading the free VEEEW app and 'scanning' the printwork. These effects may for example include: self-designed or standard buttons for interactively redirecting, displaying photos or video, play audio clips and soon to come display 3D models and animations.

All you as a customer need to do is to provide us with the digital printwork and the content you want to see displayed augmented. Together we determine how to make your printwork augmented in the best way; which pages are best for video playback or additional photos. Which pages are suitable for interactive buttons to your social media channels or directly to your webshop to buy the product from the printed media online.

Download the free VEEEW app on your device and scan the inspirational VEEEW Magazine to see what VEEEW can do for your printwork!

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What can AR do for your marketing?